Swedish innovation expertise behind a globally patented cooling method

Fredrik Radencrantz – CEO

Previously a business developer at Probi AB, he has held senior positions at ArjoHuntleigh and Ericsson.

Göran Brorsson – chair of the board

Previous positions in the medtech, industrial electronics, engineering and processing industries. Now has board positions at several medtech companies.

Lennart Sjölund – board member

Previously CEO of Jostra AB and Jolife AB. Now holds several board positions, in the Lagercrantz Group, etc.

Fredrik Lindblad – board member

Previously CEO of QuickCool 2004-2010. Now CEO at B!BB Instruments and active in five company boards including several medtech companies.

Tadeusz Wieloch – board member

Professor of Neuroscience at Lund University with over 200 published research articles in the field.

Ulrika Olsson – board member

Previously Nordic Portfolio Manager and Country Manager ArjoHuntleigh Sweden , Getinge Group. Now Global Go-to-Market PPAC Manager at Getinge. Also, Chairman for the medical aids sector (HELP) at Swedish Medtech.

John Wennborg – board member

Previously CEO of QuickCool 2015-2017. Prior to joining QuickCool, he held senor positions at ArjoHuntleigh AB in the Getinge group. His current position is VP QA/RA at AtosMedical.

Elin Mårtensson (consulting)

Experienced accounting consultant at Revisorsringen i Eslöv AB.

Hans Friberg – chair of the QuickCool Advisory Board

Well-known opinion-leader in the cooling field and a key person in the TTM study.

QuickCool AB
Ideon Science Park
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Scheelevägen 17
SE-223 70 Lund, Sweden