A unique method that cools via the nasal cavity

The aim of the QuickCool® SYSTEM is to manage the body and brain temperature of patients at risk of oxygen deprivation due to illness. The method is unique, as the system cools via the body’s built-in heat exchanger, the nasal cavity.

Medical staff get full access to the body to carry out treatment and examinations, unhindered by the QuickCool® SYSTEM.

The QuickCool® SYSTEM delivers stable, continuous temperature control for the patient. The system is portable, which means the therapy can continue from initiation to end, up to 72 hours later.

The QuickCool® SYSTEM has a built-in function to support return to normal body temperature.



The QuickCool® SYSTEM can be hung on the patient’s bed or placed on a trolley. It automatically switches to battery power during transport, when no mains power is available. This means temperature control is secured during transfer and transport of the patient.

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